HOUSTON Pearland police are looking for a man who is installing skimming devices at gas pumps. There have been at least two dozen victimized, and there may be more out there.

The suspects used a universal key to open the credit card machine at the gas pump. The device then records account information for everyone who uses it. That information is cloned onto blank cards and they are used at regular ATMs.

Police have released surveillance images of the man they believed installed the devices at two Murphy gas stations in Pearland at 3200 Dixie Farm Road and 1917 North Main Street.

I woke up Monday morning, checked my bank account and I saw two withdrawals, said Cameron Kehm.

Kehm is a victim. He was out of a $1,000 and later learned he was a victim of skimming.

I come to the Murphy s regularly. It s my way home. I refuel. I work all the way up in The Woodlands. I refuel at least two times a week. I use my credit card, I use it as a debit card, entering my PIN, they lift both of those information off, and later on just accessed it, said Kehm.

As soon as Murphy s found out about this, they sent out emails to their employees with pictures of the skimming device.

This shows the different types of skimming devices that they have so we know what to look for when they open it up, said Maryann Martin, a Murphy s assistant manager.

Police are telling customers not to use their debit cards where you have to put your PIN number in.

Investigators said the suspect is driving a silver Toyota Prius or Yaris. Call Pearland police with any information.

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