PASADENA, Texas -- A wreck on E. Nasa Parkway at Lakeview killed four people at the scene, injured three, and required two Life Flight helicopters.

It happened early Saturday morning.

It s probably one of the worst I ve seen since I ve been involved in this type of work, said Pasadena Police Department spokesman Vance Mitchell.

Police said a Mazda Miata rounded a curve on E. Nasa Parkway going about 75 mph. It hit a taxi full of people head on at Lakeview.

Sounded like an explosion, Mitchell said.

The man and woman in the Mazda died instantly. Two men in the back seat of the taxi died also, Mitchell said. A woman sitting between them suffered the fewest injuries. The taxi driver and a woman front seat passenger were critically injured.

The accident happened directly in front of a condo complex. Aaron Markewich said he was on the scene before authorities. He saw a lady laying in the middle of the street. She had perished immediately.

He stayed with the taxi driver until help arrived.

He was just yelling and moaning, Markewich said. I spent most of my time talking to him, trying to keep him calm. He just wanted out of the car.

The taxi driver told Markewich his name is Robert. Police said he lives in New York but came here recently, staying with friends, trying to earn a little money.

That s horrible, Markewich said. I feel horrible for him. I really do.

Police said the four people in the taxi were set to sail out of Galveston on a cruise this morning. They had been drinking at dinner so they decided to take a taxi back to the Clear Lake Hilton where they were staying, Mitchell said. They group was less than a minute from the hotel when the Mazda hit them.

One resident of the condos told us she has seen several deaths on the dangerous stretch of road where this one happened. She said she cannot take it anymore.

I made a decision that I will probably move from this property very soon, Rhonda Rogers said.

Authorities said they are not absolutely certain alcohol was a factor for the Mazda driver but speed definitely was.

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