HOUSTON -- A northwest Harris County man is grateful to be alive after being shot while cutting his grass.

It happened at about 7 a.m. as he was mowing his lawn in the 1000 block of Progreso at Pleasanton. He said two men pulled up in an Impala and one got out and demanded money at gunpoint. He refused to hand over his wallet, even though he told us there was no money in it.

The gunman shot the victim, who is in his 50s, before taking off. The victim said the bullet scraped his stomach. He said he jumped back as the gunman fired the shot.

One of his neighbors saw the whole thing from his window.

My neighbor, he say something loud, 'Hey!' Something like this, you know? said a man who asked to be identified only as Artemio. Then the guy shoot one time and then my neighbor touch his stomach and come down, fell down, and the guy shoot him again one more time.

Fortunately, the second shot missed. The neighbor who witnessed the crime chased the criminals at high speeds attempting to get a license plate number, but the robbershad paper tags and were moving fast.

I lost him over there on West Road and Veterans, Artemio said.

Neighbors saidwhat happened was a real shame.

When a guy can't come out and cut his own yard (without getting) shot in the process, that's a problem, said Bill Luder.

In the meantime, the neighbor who chased the bandits issued a call to arms for his neighbors.

They need to have a gun, Artemio said. They need to carry a gun.

The victim, who was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital for treatment, said he is not angry about what happened. He said he is grateful to have survived the ordeal on this Good Friday and he is glad he will be home for Easter.

Harris County authorities did not immediately release a detailed description or a sketch of the suspects.

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