HOUSTON Byanca Janog, a 27-year-old nurse, thought she was suffering from migraines, but was surprised to learn after a trip to the emergency room, that she had suffered a massive clot doctors at Houston Methodist Hospital classified as a stroke.

A persistent headache was Janog s only symptom.

It was a shock and a really big scare, Janog explains. I was feeling fine. I had just come back from vacation. The next thing I know I had headaches which I somewhat ignored.

Traditional symptoms include sudden onset of weakness, numbness, speech, vision and a severe headache.

Janog got to doctors just in time. She now takes blood thinners to keep the clot from spreading.

Strokes among young adults are on the rise. A number of stroke risk factors could be contributing to the uptick, including obesity, high blood pressure, and birth control use among women.

Janog warns otherwise healthy young adults to not ignore their bodies.

Don t ever think any of these things won t happen to you just because you re young, you don t smoke, you re healthy, you exercise. Listen to your body, Janog cautions.

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