HOUSTON An apartment owner is thanking her lucky stars for sturdy truck windows after a near attack by two men with large rocks.

It happened Monday afternoon at the Araceley Apartments in the 7000 block of Capitol Street near Harrisburg Boulevard.

She was scared, the owner s daughter told KHOU 11 News. She was frightened that it was gonna hit her in the face so she was ducking down.

She had just returned from making a bank run and was pulling into the parking lot while talking to her general manager on the phone.

I could hear the bang, said manager Jim Carroll. I heard like two bangs. She told me that two guys tried to break the windows of her truck.

When throwing the rocks didn t work, the owner said they started banging them on the window.

Eventually, she managed to reverse and run the men off.

It s not exactly clear if the men were after the truck or the money but they didn t get away with anything.

They left in a blue Kia with missing hubcap.

The entire crime was caught on surveillance camera. Carroll doesn t think they ll be back.

When everything is high tech and everybody s got surveillance and these guys do this, it s just stupid, he said.

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