HOUSTON -- This week s Neighborhood Eats segment features an establishment with a very unique interior.

The place is Stanton s City Bites, housed inside an old grocery store that is a fixture in its First Ward neighborhood, located just north of downtown on Edwards and Houston Streets.

You can purchase pork rinds and Plank Cookies, Mexican Cokes as well as an assortment of beers and wine.

Theresa Fong has been running the restaurant for 25 years. She used to work with her husband, Arthur, but sadly he passed away last year.

The menu includes a wide variety of burgers.

Photos:Stanton s City Bites

This is the cowboy burger. It's a fried egg, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo and mustard, one diner said as he bit into a stacked sandwich on toast.

A sign on the door of Stanton s warns that customers should be patient because the kitchen is small and the food is made to order.

It seems like a hole in the wall place. It's perfect for college kids. It's a lot of food and we're ready to try it out, said Alex Kumar, a first time diner.

The restaurant s waffle fries are a consistent crowd pleaser.

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