HOUSTON -- The Spring Woods High School community is on alert after a man exposed himself to a female student on her way to school Tuesday.

The Houston Police Department was on campus, keeping a close watch on the surrounding areas.

Our school is really secure. I always walk home and I hadn't seen anything like that, said a student.

Police said the 16-year-old student was walking through a parking lot when a man in his car called her over. When she walked to him, he exposed himself and then offered her $100. Fortunately, she got away and reported it to school officials.

Yeah, it makes me uncomfortable to hear that someone is exposing themselves. I hope they catch him soon. It's kind of creepy, said another student.

Some parents and family members had not been notified of what happened at the time we spoke to them earlier in the afternoon.

To think that could happen while they're going to school or coming from school. Hopefully they figure out what happened. Kinda makes you wonder you know if you should walk your kid to school, said Jaqueline Carrizales, whose sibling attends the school.

Some parents already have prepared their children in case of stranger danger.

I personally don't let my kids walk home or to school by themselves because it's just dangerous. you can't trust anybody these days, said Dee Carlson, a parent.

One parent said while she cannot predict when something like this will occur, it's best to always be prepared.

Mine know. Again we are doing karate where they are practicing stranger danger. They know to stay away from strangers. It's sad that you have to prep them for all this. When they go places now, said Crystal Briones, a parent from the neighboring elementary school.

Students are on edge.

It makes me very uncomfortable because I have a little sister and two little cousins and that makes me very nervous. I wouldn't want them to see something like that. Especially if it s an adult. That's pretty nasty, said a student.

For now the community will keep their eyes open and hope to catch the man responsible.

HPD is looking for a man in his early 40s. He has a mustache and beard and drives a newer white four door car. If you see anything, call police.

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