HOUSTON Nearly a dozen men were arrested early Saturday in southeast Houston when police broke up a cockfighting ring.

According to the Houston Police Department, officers were responding to a noise complaint around midnight when they found the men cheering in the backyard of a vacant home.

The home is located in the 14000 block of Mary Kay and Schurmier.

As the men began to leave the backyard, police started to take the suspects into custody. Police said at least 40 others took off on foot.

One suspect made it to his car and took off with police in pursuit. They were able to apprehend him on Orem, and he now faces a charge of felony evading along with other charges related to the cockfighting.

A total of 11 men were arrested in connection with the bust, police said.

Police said some of the birds used in the fighting were dead, and Animal Control took the rest.

Police said the suspects had an elaborate set up with benches and even Port-A-Potties.

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