TEXAS CITY, Texas -- The beauty of Tuesday morning s sunrise over Galveston outshined the mess made by man. For a moment, people on the beach were not thinking about the oil in the water.

Gorgeous day, visitor Charlene Wilford said. Glad to see there s no oil in this area.

But the sunrise could not outlast the slick, as the cleanup efforts continued.

More than 700 people are currently assisting in that end, from Texas City to Matagorda Bay.

(They) are tracking down any patches of oil that they can recover and trying to get ahead of it, said Andy Kendrick with the U.S. Coast Guard.

Yet the logjam only continued off the coast. There were 54 ships waiting to enter the channel, as 48 waited to go out, including cruise ships.

As for the toll on birds, the situation may be getting worse.

We ve got eight birds in rehabilitation right now, Kendrick said. And unfortunately, we ve had ten deceased birds. We ve got about four rehabilitation centers set up and I believe another on the way.

The ultimate impact on aquatic life is also not clear.

Officials say they have found no threat to humans in the air or the water.

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