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HOUSTON A three-mile chase ended Monday morning with a car crashing into a house in northeast Harris County, deputies said.

It happened around 10:30 a.m. on Remington Boulevard and Remington Heights.

Thomas Plattenberg was at home watching TV when the vehicle crashed into his house.

It sounded like an earthquake or something, I guess he hit it so hard it shook me and I was back in the living room, he said. It shook me on the couch, and woke me up.

Deputies said the suspect, who is in his 20s, stole the car and went out for a ride.

The suspect seemed disoriented, may be under the influence or something. After the loud crash and the airbags deploying, he didn't have his marbles there, said Louis Treadway, a witness.

Deputies said the suspect tried to make a run for it, but he wasn't fast enough.

Guy tried to jump the fence, he tackled him down and put him in handcuffs, said Tyrone Jones, a neighbor.

The family now has to deal with the mess, but they're just thankful no one was hurt.

I don't think it was worth the chase, but then in a sense yes, that's one criminal they got off the street, said Gerria Plattenburg.

It's unclear what charges the suspect will face. Deputies will interview him and see if he was involved in other crimes in the area.

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