NAMPA -- More than four hundred people gathered at the Idaho Center for the annual Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation banquet Saturday night.

We raise money for wildlife habitat and enhancement, said Mike Wilson, a member of the RMEF.

The event had food, drinks, auctions, raffles, and Saturday night, something different.

We were contacted by a lady that said her husband is a life member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, he has been rather ill, said Wilson.

Marcine Taylor's husband Clay Taylor had a blood disease that lead to cirrhosis of the liver. Now, he needs a liver transplant.

I've been sick a lot, I'm weak, I'm tired, said Clay Taylor.

Clay Taylor has been waiting for a new liver for three and a half years. For the last two years, his son has been serving in the Navy on the Isle of Crete.

It was hard because we knew since he was going to Crete that it would be a long time before we'd be able to see him, said Marcine Taylor. Because Clay's been sick, we couldn't travel to go there.

Clay came to the RMEF banquet Saturday with no idea that his wife and the club members had been planning something special. They brought him on stage and gave him a card that read Thank you and please turn around. His son was standing behind him.

I'm very happy I'm here for the next few weeks so I can see them, said Petty Officer Nathan Taylor.

Marcine and Nathan worked to keep it a secret for the last several weeks, even having Nathan avoid calling his dad.

I was like, wow this is not the normal because my son calls me all the time, we always talk and it's been like three weeks, said Clay. This is well worth not talking for three weeks.

Clay and Nathan have plans to do some father-son activities for the next couple weeks before Nathan's parents go to New Orleans for Clay's liver transplant.

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