HOUSTON A 32-year-old woman lost her temper and ended up fatally striking her boyfriend s daughter, investigators said.

Elisena Carmona, who is accused of killing her boyfriend s 4-year-old daughter Lillian Fortner, was arrested Wednesday. On Tuesday, the couple brought the girl to the North West Medical Center emergency room, but the girl was dead before doctors could treat her.

Carmona told doctors that Lillian had fallen and hit her head a few days earlier.

The autopsy revealed Lillian died from a puncture in her small intestine, caused by blunt force trauma to the abdomen.Police said Carmona later confessed that she got frustrated with Lillian and punched her in the stomach.

One neighbor said Carmona never appeared to care for the girl.

I m not surprised because they were not very friendly, said Adhlin Jean-Charles, Carmona s neighbor.

On one occasion, Lillian was left by herself wondering down the street, he said.

I guess she was following her sister. There was nobody and she crossed the street. So I told my son to take her to the school to see maybe who she belonged to, said Jean-Charles.

Jean-Charles said he saw Carmona yell at Lillian.

She was dragging the basket of clothes and she was yelling at her to you know hurry up, hurry up. But she was trying, but it was heavy, said Jean-Charles.

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