HOUSTON -- There is an update on the marathon runner attacked by two pit bulls while she was jogging last week. She underwent yet another surgery Wednesday and the fate of those two pit bulls was decided in court.

They were ripping her apart, said Charles Jordan, the hero who helped fight the dogs off. I wake up hearing her screaming because I held her in my arms.

Jordan showed up in court to make sure the dogs would never walk through his neighborhood again.

I don't care if it was a squirrel that bit you or a cat that clawed your eye out, said Jordan. Anything animal that harms human needs to be put down.

A hearing to decide the dogs' fate wrapped in minutes after the judge learned one of the animals' owners would not fight to keep her dog alive. The second pit bull remains unclaimed. It will be euthanized too. The victim's father showed up in court too ready to testify about the dangerous dogs.

I wouldn t want anyone to be harmed by these dogs again, and fortunately that s not going to happen, said Jeff Mack, the victim's father. It's the first step in a long process that Monica will have to go through.

With the dogs fate sealed, now Monica continues her recovery.

I think it s going to be a big sigh of relief, when she finds out they're going to be put down, said Jordan.

But there's no time for relief. One week after the vicious attack on the trail and Monica was back in surgery at Memorial Hermann Southeast as doctors worked to clean an infection in her right calf.

It's traumatizing and very tough for her, said her father. She's worried about her family and her health.

Monica's family says there could be even more surgeries and repair work down the road.

Lots of people are praying for her, said Mack. She's going to come through this, I have no doubt about that.

And no one's rooting for her more, than the man who helped fight off the pit bulls.

I can't imagine the pain and suffering this girl is going through, said Jordan. It's going to be a long road.

Monica's family says today's surgery went well, but she will undergo yet another surgery this Friday.

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