HOUSTON -- Three victimswere found Friday in the charred rubble of an east Houston home that burned Thursday afternoon.

The body of 25-year-old Slade Fiege was found early Thursday morning. Searchers used K9s to find the bodies of his mother and mother-in-law later in the day.

I don't -- that's what I can't wrap my head around -- is how three people who can walk couldn't get out in time, said Emily Fiege. It's like somebody stabbing me, and it's so hard.

Fiege said she was at work Thursday afternoon when she got a call saying her family s home was on fire.

Fiege'shusband, mother and mother-in-law were trapped inside the two-story home on Westmont Drive and Maple Way.

Neighbors reported hearing an explosion, but there's no official word on what may have caused the fire.

The A-frame homebuilt on stilts was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived.It eventually collapsed and destroyed cars parked nearby.

It took fire crews more than 13 hours to tap out the blaze.

Firefighters said putting out the blaze was difficult because the home had a metal roof.

Due to the condition of the structure, we had to call for some heavy equipment to help us tear it down and make sure we could extinguish the fire and check for victims, said HFD Deputy Chief Jerry Wedgeworth. At this time what we're having to do is sift through the debris and make sure all the victims are out.

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