HOUSTON The recent ice storm not only caught people by surprise, it caused havoc for Houston s wildlife.

When frost covered trees and branches fell, many newborn squirrels, bunnies and birds were knocked out of their nests.

When the trees are iced and they fall, then babies come down, said Debbie Mitchell of The Wildlife Center of Texas. I wouldn t want anything to lay out there and suffer.

Mitchell and volunteers are busy nursing the squirrels back to health. They feed them a special formula three to four times a day. The squirrels will eventually be released back into the wild.

Mitchell offers tips on what to do if you find a squirrel or other animal that s fallen from its nest.

Put [the animal] in a box with soft rags. Put a lid on the box. Do not attempt to give him anything to eat and take him to the wildlife center, she said.

Click here for more information on the Wildlife Center of Texas.

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