HOUSTON Ava Hicks had her family worried sick last week when she never showed up for her overnight shift at an Humble hospital.

They feared the worst and called police to report her missing.

A few days later, Hicks called and confessed she had taken a Greyhound bus to Hollywood.

She still doesn t know why she did it.

I didn t know what was going through my mind. Right then, it was a quick fix. I just needed to get away, said Hicks.

I didn t want them to track me, Hicks said. Trying to talk me out of anything so I just threw the keys and the phone in the car.

Hicks said she never thought anyone would be worried.

That s when I realized that I had to get back and let them know that I m still alive, said Hicks.

Detectives say it happens more often than you d think.

At least 90-percent of people return on their own. Or they leave and we find them where they ve moved out or started a new life or just wanted to get away from the environment they were in, said Sgt. Thomas with Harris County Sheriff s Office Missing Persons Unit.

I would like to apologize to the public because I should ve done things differently. Everybody s got problems, but I have a problem and I went about it the wrong way, said Hicks. I need to get back in church.

Hicks family has forgiven her.

Sometimes I m still overwhelmed with joy because it s hard to get the whole worst-case scenario out of your head because it easily doesn t go away, said Alexis Toliver, Hicks daughter.

Hicks believes she ll get better now with her family by her side.

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