DICKINSON, Texas A mother is cherishing every moment she shares with her daughter.

It s not about the clothes you wear or the house that you live in, said Patricia Lankford. It s the simple memories that you take time to make.

And those memories are more precious now than ever before.

5-year-old Claire Lankford is already engaged in the fight of her life.

She suffers from a rare form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. Doctors have no cure.

Young Claire seemed anxious to speak about her struggle with the disease.

I haven t been feeling good, she said. I have tubes in my sides. And I had my hair in a knot. But they gave me shots, and they have to give me some medicine. They were trying to just make me feel better but it really hurt.

Soon, laughter will replace the hurt and Claire, who likes to dress up like a princess, will have a real life fairy tale come true.

It s a complete surprise for her, said Patricia. She does not know. And so tomorrow, Cinderella and Snow White will ring the doorbell and she ll open the door and get to see them.

They ll also be a horse-drawn carriage and an impromptu parade around the neighborhood.

She s an absolute gift, said Patricia.

Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Belle will be in the Bay Colony subdivision on Smokey Lake Lane.

The community is inviting everyone out and wants other little girls to dress up in their princess dress and meet the princesses.

The ride around the block will begin at 5 p.m.

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