DUNCANVILLE, Texas Police in Duncanville are warning residents that scammers posing as staffers for a fake utility company are going door-to-door and stealing from victims.

The most recent incident was last Wednesday, and Jeff and Darla Chavez saw it all.

My wife and I have coffee every morning in our bedroom by these French doors, and we noticed a vehicle stopped at the corner, Jeff said.

It's a good thing, or a pair of thieves might have made away with more that morning. The couple watched as a man parked in front of the home of an elderly widow.

I saw him and a female that was with him run around the sides of the house, Jeff said. I just thought that something wasn t right about that.

He decided to go to over there himself, where he met one of the strangers and heard her story. The woman told him they had reports that pipes may be frozen in the neighborhood, so they were going door-to-door to check.

There were no business cards or logos on their clothes, but Chavez felt he had to trust the homeowner who had given the pair permission to check her pipes.

But his instincts were correct. The bogus utility workers raided her closets.

They didn t walk out of the house... they came running out of the house with a bag over his shoulder, Darla said. They jumped in the car and took off.

The woman who experienced this ordeal did not feel comfortable opening her door to News 8, understandably, but told us through the window she hopes the thieves are caught and soon.

Duncanville police don't have many leads, but want this to remind people to trust their gut.

You know what belongs in your neighborhood; you know what looks right, said Officer Doug Sisk. And if it's making you look twice, and you know what belongs there, then it s probably not right.

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