BROOKSHIRE, Texas -- A robbery suspect was shot to death outside a Brookshire credit union Friday.

An off-duty Brookshire police officer was working security at the First Service Credit Union when the armed suspect held it up, police say.

The robber walked into thecredit unionat 5th street and Walker around 2 p.m. and demanded cash.

After the teller handed over the money, the officer followed the suspect into the parking lot.

Police say the suspect pulled out a gun so the officer fired several shots.

Well there was two shots, and then there was rapid shots and then there was a pause and there was one more shot, said Tom Knapp, a funeral home owner who works nearby. And then I went outside and witnessed an officer standing near a pickup truck.

The 49-year-old manwas pronounced dead at the scene.

A truck in the parking lot had what appeared to be a bullet hole in one passenger-side window.

The officer has been placed on leave, which is standard procedure in officer-involved shootings.

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