WALKER COUNTY, Texas A light dusting of snow and sleet was enough to cause plenty of trouble on the roads of Walker County Thursday morning.

The weather led to a half-dozen crashes in just an hour from 8 to 9 a.m. How bad has it been in Walker County this winter?

If 8-month-old Jace could talk he would tell you, but his mother Paige Cowart knows.

He is 8 months old and he has seen more snow in his first year of life than I have in my whole life. So, yeah. Bad, Cowart said.

All this snow and icy weather has made it busy for Walker County Emergency Manager Butch Davis.

This has really been an unusual year for us to activate for cold weather. Four times in just a couple weeks including this morning, he said.

Protecting residents is his top priority.

Ice buildup on the vehicles; out on (Highway) 19, I got the call that the bridges were icing up, Davis said.

That is why the Texas Department of Transportation sent sanding crews to the county, especially the area around Highway 19 and Highway 30.

There were definitely flurries everywhere, sleet, ice covered the ground, Cowart said.

In 40 years here, Charles Brown hasn t seen anything like this.

I ve never seen it this cold. Consistently, he said. Tom Pierce lives in Huntsville and said all this cold is unusual even in the northern counties of the viewing area.

I ve lived here since I was in high school. I can t remember that, he said.

The snow even got kids at Madisonville High School a brief reprieve from Julius Caesar, just long enough to snap a class picture in the snow.

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