SPRING, Texas -- Some neighbors in Spring say they ve become so terrified of two dogs that they no longer feel safe going outdoors without a weapon.

The community is especially on alert after an apparent mauling that killed a family s cat.

Heather Sridharan says the pair of dogs have been terrorizing her for months. She claims the dogs took their aggression out on her beloved pet this past Wednesday.

They played tug of war with him in front of me, cried Heather Sridharan.

Sridharan says she watched the whole thing play out after she scurried onto the roof of her car.

I really felt like it was within seconds that they would have gotten me, she explained. I m in constant fear that these dogs are going to attack me.

She and others neighbors say the pit bull and lab mix are escaping through a broken fence of a nearby home. The home belongs to Harris County District Court Judge Jaclanel McFarland.

McFarland says the two dogs belong to her son. She admits that the animals have escaped before, but says there is no proof that they attacked the cat.

I m sorry if her cat died or anything happened to her cat. I have great sympathy, said Hon. Jaclanel McFarland.

McFarland says she just bought materials to fix her fence. She says any neighbors who want to help out can come over to her house.

I would like for it to get fixed. I hope to try to get it fixed. It s an old fence, said McFarland.

For now, some homeowners who live in the neighborhood, near Louetta and Stuebner Airline, aren t taking any chances.

Now what I do is carry a cane with me, said Maria. Now I m afraid if those dogs or any big dogs came up to us, what would I do?

Sridharan says she has notified her HOA. She has also filed a report with Harris County Sherriff s Office.

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