CONROE, Texas -- Homeowners in Conroe made some final adjustments to protect their property in advance of an expected hard freeze Tuesday night.

Ron and Janice Gaskins picked up an air filter from the Home Depot and gave their rural home a once over just to be safe.

We're great, said Mr. Gaskins. God's going to protect me. I've protected everything else.

Other homeowners were preparing to work late into the night on some timely projects they had let slide.

Tim Kidd was getting ready to insulate his bathroom ceiling.

It still gets cold in there, said Kidd. But with the insulation, it will stop about 50 percent of it so I went ahead and did it tonight.

The Raglin family seemed more concerned about their outside pipes. That's why they purchased faucet covers.

We're taking precautions, said Marcus Raglin. We'll leave a pipe dripping tonight and hope for the best in the morning.

A couple of business owners had nothing but hope after finding out that there had been a run on salt and sand.

We're just going to have to put up signs and tell people to be careful and don't jump around, said Sam Patel.

But people like the Gaskins, who purchased most of their cold weather supplies last week, didn't seem worried at all.

Everything's good, said Mr. Gaskins. We shouldn't have any problems with the weather.

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