HOUSTON A man was shot multiple times Thursday afternoon at a gas station in southwest Houston.

The incident happened at a Valero gas station, located in the 12300 block of Fondren.

Investigators said a man was walking when another man came up behind and fired 13 shots.

The man was hit five times in the legs, backside and groin area.

People who live next to the parking lot said they couldn t believe the number of shots that were fired.

Officers found bullets casings and blood in front of a large garbage bin where the shooting took place.

Kathryn Ellis was babysitting in an apartment right next to where the shooting happened and began crawling on her knees when the shots rang out.

I was like what in the world, Ellis said. I don t want no part of it.

Police said the shooter took off and they are still searching for him. Officers suspect the men knew each other.

Investigators believe the man who was shot is going to be OK. Officers were seen going door to door trying to find the shooter.

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