HOUSTON -- Police say one man was taken into custody and another was on the run early Thursday after they were caught red handed breaking into cars.

The break-ins were reported at the Spring Forest apartments in the 6000 block of Bissonnet Street in southwest Houston.

A woman called 911 after she said she saw the men smashing windows and opening doors to several vehicles parked outside. When police arrived, the suspects started to run away on foot. One man was caught while the other got away.

It wasn t clear if the man who fled the scene got away with anything.

The young man who was taken into custody was visibly upset. He yelled at news cameras and denied any involvement in the break-ins.

Hey, this is some foul a-- s---, man! You see this f---ing bastard? I didn t do s---!

The suspect was then placed in the back of a patrol car and taken away.

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