PASADENA, Texas -- A father of four is behind bars after police say he slammed one of his daughters heads on the concrete.

Miguel Diaz, 44, has been charged with injury to a child.

Their mom, Martha Ochoa said she was at work on Christmas Eve. Diaz was driving the girls to a party but police say he was drunk.

They said they all were crying, said Ochoa. They all were asking him to please take us back home. We don't want to be out here with you because you're drinking,

Instead of going home, police said Diaz stopped near the intersection of Preston Avenue and Washington Street.

He reportedly pulled his 4-year-old daughter Susana out of the SUV and began slamming her head on the concrete.

The three girls were asking for help while he was beating my little girl, said Ochoa.

Some good Samaritans came to the rescue.

The girls told their mom that the men pulled Diaz off the little girl, roughed him up and then held him down until police got there.

Ochoa tells us her husband doesn't work, suffers from depression and is physically abusive to everyone in the house.

This time, he went too far.

I hope he pays for what he did to my girl, said Ochoa. I hope he stays where he belongs because that's where he's supposed to be ... in jail.

Susana had to be taken to the hospital.

Luckily, she has no broken bones but plenty of scratches, bruises and needed stitches on her face.

All the girls are staying with family members while CPS investigates what was going on at home.

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