HARRIS COUNTY, Texas A woman s home in the Ponderosa area was destroyed in an overnight fire Monday, and one of her dogs remained missing hours after the blaze was put out.

The woman, who lives on Corral Drive near Sugar Pine Drive, said her dogs barking woke her up to the sight of her home on fire. She was unable to dial 911 but ran outside and drove to the nearby fire station to ask for help.

The fire was so intense, it destroyed the woman s home and singed nearby homes as well.

A news photographer for KHOU 11 was on the scene before rescuers and put down the camera to alert nearby residents to the blaze.

You take care of the people first and then do the video second, said Lloyd Overcash. Same thing as an accident scene -- if you get there first, you help the people who need help first and then your job becomes kind of secondary at that point.

The woman whose home was burned said this isn t the first time she s dealt with this kind of tragedy. Thirty years ago this month another home of hers was destroyed by flames.

In Monday morning s fire, the woman said her dogs saved her life, but one of them was unaccounted for after the fire was put out. The dog either didn t make it out of the fire or ran away after getting out.

The fire was just down the street from a fire last week that destroyed a grandmother s home. In that blaze, the homeowner said she left candles burning as she went out to do some Christmas shopping. Her home was also destroyed.

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