HOUSTON A peak travel day at William P. Hobby Airport had travelers waiting up three hours to check for their flights heading into Christmas week.

Some 28,000 people are expected to pass through this airport alone. Thousands of weary travelers waited anxiously in a line that reached outside the terminal and into the rain on Saturday.

I ve been here about an hour and a half in the rain, one traveler said.

Many of them no doubt soaked by the time they made their flights, if they made them at all.

We just missed it. I think it s taking off right now. We re going to Philly and we have a connecting flight. So we may not make it, another traveler said.

Some travelers expecting to leave Houston Saturday were stuck having to wait another day.

No, no, I think everything is booked for the day, Jaylyn Nassiri, who missed her flight, said.

The delays left some disappointed as they hoped to make it home in time for the holiday.

Kind of depressed. May not make it home for Christmas, Jen Hickman said.

For some, there was more than making it home for the holidays on the line.

We were trying to get to St. Louis where we re getting married. So we re going to miss it, Emily Buchanan said. We re going a little bit early, so hopefully we ll get there in time to get married.

Maybe it s just the time of year, but most of the travelers stuck in line seemed to be taking it in stride.

Monday is also expected to be a peak travel day. It s recommended that travelers check in at least two hours before their flight is scheduled to depart.

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