PHOENIX -- The Maricopa County Health Department confirms that a man on a US Airways flight from Austin to Phoenix thought to have tuberculosis did not have the disease.

US Airways express flight 2846 took off as usual Saturday afternoon from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, but during the flight the TSA notified the airline that a passenger on board had just been put on the no-fly list because of a medical condition that could put the crew and 74 passengers at risk.

When the plane landed in Phoenix, passengers said they were not allowed to get off the plane right away. Rather, paramedics and police officers boarded, put a medical face mask on a man and then escorted him off the plane.

One of those first responders reportedly told the remaining passengers that they might want to get TB shots.

According to CNN, further testing on the man came back negative. The passenger was in the hospital since Saturday awaiting the test results.

There was no risk to other passengers.

The man is now cleared to fly by the CDC, according to the Health Dept. He was released from the hospital Monday night and is free to travel as he is no longer on the do not board list.

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