HOUSTON -- A Houston-area business has come forward and shared security video of a burglary involving what may be the same suspects that hit a gun shop early Friday morning.

Brian Fishel, owner of the Texas Watch & Diamond, saw KHOU 11 News report Friday night of the heist at the SOG Armory Inc, which located in the 11700 block of the South Sam Houston Parkway West.

Fishel said he was pretty surprise when he saw the video of what looked like the same the suspects that hit his business.

The business owner said the burglars who hit his store meant business one busts through the door with a crowbar, while another stands guard with an assault rifle.

Once inside, the men headed for a display case. The guy with the crowbar strikes it once, twice, three times finally with his friends help they pry apart the glass. Another man finds several guns, including an AK-47 assault rifle in a nearby closet.

The suspects stuff jewelry and loot into a trash can, and when the alarm company calls on the phone, they can be heard talking about a getaway.

We re a family-owned business, been on the street for 20 years, Fishel said.

The heist cost Fishel $50,000, but seeing another business hit in a similar fashion on KHOU 11 News might have been priceless.

That s when we saw the guy in the red and the guy in the blue and white striped shirt and recognized them from our video footage, he said. Couldn t believe it really, but there s no mistaking them, it s exactly those guys.

It appears the burglars hit the SOG Armory after breaking into this jewelry shop. In both cases, they got away before police arrived.

I hope somebody will step up and see if they know him and say something, you can t have these guys doing this to people, he said.

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