HOUSTON -- A University of Houston student whose on campus apartment was targeted by robbers has some advice for his fellow classmates.

He believes he and his roommates made it easy for three criminals who slipped into the first floor unit around 4:10 a.m.

The PhD student, who doesn t want to be named, said one of the windows had been left propped open. That s how three bandana wearing suspects got in.

I was sleeping in my room, he said. We made a mistake. We left the window open the last couple of days.

He slept through the entire ordeal. However, he said his two roommates came face to face with the armed suspects.

One of them was held at gunpoint.

The PhD student who was sleeping just feet away from the scary encounter does not feel safe anymore at school.

No, definitely not. It s quite scary, said the student.

The suspects wore bandanas over the lower halves of their faces which made it hard for the victims to provide an accurate description.

The thieves got away with two laptops and a hard drive.

Other students who live at the Cambridge Oaks Apartments thought they were safe living on campus in a gated community.

We re supposed to be on campus having a safe environment and a learning environment. Obviously what happened last night is not an example of that, said Andrew Stephens, who lives in the apartment directly above the one that was targeted.

University of Houston sent out a security alert to students warning them of what had happened.

The suspects in the case appear to be between the ages of 18-22.

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