HOUSTON NASA is on the way to Mars, and pizza could be on the way to your house just by pushing a button. This and more in today s Tech Talk...

== Maven goes to Mars ==
A NASA probe bound for Mars blasted off around 12:30 p.m. Houston time Monday. It ll take 10 months for it to get to the Red Planet. Once there, the robotic explorer Maven will study the planet s atmosphere to try and understand why it went from warm and wet to cold and dry. NASA says it s likely that at one time water flowed on Mars. Maven will also send back important data on the atmosphere for future manned flights to the planet, scheduled for the year 2030.

== PlayStation 4 sales ==
Sony says it sold one million PlayStation 4 units in the first 24 hours of its launch last Friday. The console costs $400. The company says while there were complaints about some units not working properly, the issues affected only about one percent of users. The $500 Xbox One will be released this Friday.

== PiePal pizza button ==
Check out the PiePal. It s a gadget in the works from a company that says while it may sound like a joke, it is indeed real. The PiePal is a knob (a real knob/button -- not an app) that you turn to the number of pizzas you want, and then you just hit the button in the middle. About 30 minutes later, Dominos Pizza will be at your front door with your delivery. The button s DC-based makers say they chose Dominos Pizza because the restaurant had a website that was easy to work with, but Dominos is not at all officially involved in the development of the product. On the web:

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