FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas -- A brave deputy constable in Missouri City helped saved the life of a young man trying to take his own.

A frantic father was afraid his son had jumped from a bridge on the Grand Parkway near New Territory in the middle of the night.

Deputy Constable Joe Villarreal was one of the first officers who began searching for the teen in trouble.

I start walking right up this path, Villarreal said.

Moments later Villarreal heard a faint cry for help.

So here we are yelling for the young man. Where are you I need to know where you're at, Villarreal said.

Villarreal and others officers who arrived on the scene still didn't see anything. So they made their way down a steep embankment to the river's edge.

Moments later, Villarreal found the 17-year-old hurt, nearly chest deep in swirling water, stuck in mud. Villarreal talked the teen into crawling just far enough to reach him.

They brought the young man to safety.

Later, constables found out the teen had jumped from the bridge trying to kill himself and might have died alone in the cold Brazos that night, had it not been for Villarreal.

We knew once we got him out here everything s going to be OK, Villarreal said. He just kept saying thank you, thank you, ya'll got me, Villarreal said.

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