HOUSTON Gaming fanatics lined up overnight for the midnight release of the new Sony PlayStation 4, and the new Xbox One is scheduled for release just one week later -- Nov. 22.

With the Christmas shopping season fast approaching, many parents may be clueless as to which one they should buy.

It really comes down to the family, to that individual gamer, says Stephen Aleman at Best Buy. If they ve got two young kids, if they ve got a 16-year-old -- it depends on what type of content they like to play.

Aleman says families may lean more toward the Xbox while traditional gamers may go for the PlayStation.

One has more of an advantage of the graphics card, the other has a little more RAM. Overall it s going to come down to select titles.

Some games only work with certain consoles. For instance, if you know your little gamer is a big fan of the racing game Forza, you should stick with the Xbox, since it s only an Xbox-only game.

== Xbox One ==
>> Costs $500 and comes with the Kinect camera for motion-based games
>> Has a wide variety of entertainment and video apps (like Netflix)
>> Xbox Live Gold ($60/year) is required to use most apps
>> Based on Windows 8, which makes switching between apps easier

== PlayStation 4 ==
>> Costs $400 but does not come with a camera
>> Has popular apps like Netflix but not as many
>> No annual fee to use the entertainment apps
>> Early reviews suggest that when it comes to gaming, the PS4 performs better overall.

For the first time ever, both consoles have a Blu-ray player.

In the end, many parents will just have to ask their kids: which one do you want? If you're in it for games with the best graphics possible, go with the PlayStation. If you like motion-based games, and you want an all-in-one entertainment center, go for the Xbox One.

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