TACLOBAN, Philippines -- Relief is making its way to victims of Typhoon Haiyan in some parts of the Philippines faster than others. The USS George Washington aircraft carrier arrived Thursday just off the nation's shores filled with supplies and, most importantly, 21 helicopters to help carry aid to people who need it.

A week after Haiyan tore through, Tacloban has become a city of lines. Residents wait for the simple things. People lined up for five hours to charge their cell phones. But there are also lines for much more significant commodities.

At a makeshift medical clinic, Dr. Gary Larosa told us the patients lined up even before medical staff had arrived. He said when they first arrived on Monday, they were treating predominantly cuts and scrapes, but during the second and third day, diarrhea and upper respiratory issues became more prevalent.

The water supply now is contaminated and I think there is no potable water flowing, he said. That helped to explain the long line -- all the way down the street -- of people waiting to reach a Philippine government truck that was dispensing filtered water.

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