PEARLAND, Texas -- A 12-year-old Boy Scout from Pearland was given a special award for saving a neighbor's life. Troop 464 held a special meeting and few knew why.

So how many of you in the room are trying to figure out what's going on right now, Scout Master David Albee asked the crowd. Mr. Jakob Patino, please come to the stage.

Jakob Patino was a little confused to hear his name called.

I thought I was in trouble to be honest with you, admitted Patino. I thought I did something.

He actually did do something and a surprise ceremony was held to award him the prestigious Medal of Merit.

You are a member of a very special club right now, the scout master explained to Patino.

It was February 10, 2013.

The grownups were inside, the kids were outside playing, recalled Michelle Patino. Little Aiden comes in the back door with Jakob and our reaction is why are you wet?

Aiden De La O, 5, was outside playing soccer with his neighbor Jakob and decided to chase the ball after it bounced off the roof and into his family's swimming pool.

Aiden couldn't swim and screamed for help. Patino ran to the rescue. He kept Aiden calm, coached him to do the doggy paddle and grabbed him when he got close.

My instincts kick in after two years of summer camp, fall camp, all those weekend camps come into play -- it just felt like a natural born instinct, said Patino.

Aiden's mother is eternally grateful to Patino too.

I don't even wanna think about what could have happened, admitted Cristina De La O. A mom's worse nightmare obviously but I m just really grateful to him.

Patino said he just did what he thought was right that day, but admits he doesn't mind all the attention.

I don't really know what to think having the mayor be here in my presence, the news, everybody on TV gonna see me, Patino told us with a smile. I just feel really special right now.

And he should, it's not every day a 12-year old scout is hailed a hero.

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