AUSTIN, Texas -- Some Austin neighborhoods continue to recover from the Halloween floods. They will come back slowly but surely, according to city leaders.

All of the roads are open, but Austin police are maintaining a presence in the neighborhood. They want to make sure none of the damaged homes are looted.

Perez Elementary School will be open Monday. The school's principal says students who are absent or late to class because of the flooding will be excused.

Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell visited flooded sites on Sunday. More than 1,100 homes were affected in Travis County alone.

Austin's Code Compliance department flagged homes according to their damage. More than 300 homes are marked with red signs, indicating dangerous conditions. Twelve of those homes are too dangerous for re-entry.

More than 125 tons of debris have been collected from homes so far.

Since the Halloween floods, the American Red Cross of Central Texas has served more than 10,000 meals and snacks to flood victims. Their mission continues.

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