HOUSTON -- A night of trick-or-treating ended tragically for one Houston family after police say a 5-year-old girl darted away from her mother and was struck by a van.

The accident happened just after 8 p.m. Halloween night along Boone Road north of Beechnut Street in southwest Houston. Naima Williams and her mother had been outside the Unity Funeral Home.

Witness Benito Cano was nearby with his brother and heard the impact of the van.

It sounded like a gunshot, the popping noise, Cano said. We headed over there and found out that a kid got hit.

The unidentified driver, described in his 70 s, stayed at the scene. Police said he was not impaired and will not be charged.

Helton Motino heard the van hit it

And I heard the little kid scream, Motino said.

Some candy was still in the road Friday morning.

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