SPRING, Texas -- If you live in the villages of Northgate Crossing and all night construction is keeping you awake, you re not alone.

A number of neighbors insist it s only a matter of time before noisy overnight construction drives someone off the deep end.

It s all part of the massive Grand Parkway project, which when completed will be the longest beltway in the United States.

Residents on Taylor Ridge Drive understand that the construction has to happen, but they re wondering why it is happening from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.

The whole house will vibrate. I ve had things fall off my mantle, said neighbor Sean Oliver. When the truck dumps the dirt and the swinging back end hits, it could wake you up even if you slept through the noises.

Neighbors claim they see little work happening during the day.

According to residents, the overnight work started over a week ago and has been relentless.

Eventually you re so tired that you doze off, said neighbor Lorrie Johnson. Then, you re waking up, you re hearing thumps and sounds, and it s like, that s them!

Zachry Odebrecht Parkway Builders, the contractor in charge, has 38 miles of roadway to construct in a two and a half year schedule.

It is an unfortunate reality of an aggressive construction schedule, said spokeswoman Linda Merritt.

Linda Merritt claims the team has been monitoring noise and has added devices to minimize the sounds at night.

We try whenever possible and however possible to minimize the impact of residents. It s going to be bothersome, but we hope for short windows of time, explained Merritt.

Merritt said the work could last through December.

The company will be meeting with residents and taking feedback this Wednesday at Southwell Park.

Zachry Odebrecht Parkway Builders claims it is open to making some adjustments but is working under strict guidelines set by the state of Texas.

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