HARRIS COUNTY, Texas Shots were fired Tuesday during an attempted armored car robbery outside a Chase bank west of Spring, deputies said.

According to the Harris County Sheriff s Office, it was reported around 9:30 a.m. on Kuykendahl Road at Louetta Road.

Deputies said an armored car guard was approached by one of two armed masked suspects as he was walking into the bank. The suspect ordered the guard to get on the ground. Instead, the armored car guard fired at the suspect.

I was in here working on a car and heard like back fire from the car. Kinda like fireworks. said Robby Averitt, a witness.

He works at the Jiffy Lube next door.

The guard ran for cover, but another suspect hunted him down.

He took cover and noticed another individual, carrying a hand gun coming from another direction, also again, began firing said Shauna Dunlap with the FBI

I saw a guy running from the Chase Bank, Averitt said He had a ski mask, holding a shot gun, running around to the passenger side of the car and took off in a black car.

Averitt then saw the guard fire toward him.

He was just kinda, aimed like this, in my direction. So I went back in the shop, said Averitt.

The FBI says some of the guard s bullets hit a nearby party supply store and some cars.

It s pretty crazy. A lot of bank robberies have been happening around here lately, said Tim Hays, who lives nearby.

In the last two months, there have been four armored truck robberies in Harris County alone. The total for the year is up to 10.

We re seeing an increase in the violence. We re seeing suspects armed, heavily armed, said Dunlap.

And it s feared civilians could get hurt because the robberies are happening in broad daylight.

I would ve never thought 30 feet from me at work, that would ve happened. It s a shock, Averitt said.

Both suspects fled the scene in a black Lexus sedan.

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