SAN ANTONIO-- Video of a biker assault on an SUV driver went viral earlier this month and ever since the phones at Texas Armoring Corporation have been ringing with people interested in preventing a similar attack.

We actually smashed the helmet against the glass so many times that the helmet itself broke before the glass gave in at all, not even a mark on it, you could wipe it off with a wet rag, said JasonForston, Executive Vice President at Texas Armoring Corporation. Now with the incident with the bikers and the Range Rover attack in New York City, we're seeing a big increase in U.S. citizens wanting to protect themselves to keep their families safe.

Texas Armoring Corporation also has electric shocking door handles, road tack systems and smoke systems.

The security and defensive options are plenty with a basic package starting at $35,000.

It's not just for the rich and famous anymore, said Forston. We are doing a couple of Jeep Grand Cherokee's, a coupe of Toyota Avalon's, so a little bit more low-profile which is different for us.

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