SAN MARCOS, Texas -- San Marcos police say three people are dead after a double homicide.

Just before 1 a.m. Thursday police were called to 317 CraddockAvenue. There they found Hailey Nicholls, 22, and Jesse Robledo, 27, dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

Police say the suspect, 23-year-old DanielBrewster Stillwell, was found dead Thursday around 1 p.m. at the Devil s Backbone, a scenic Hill Country area along Highway 32 in Comal County. San Marcos police say his car went over a cliff.

The double homicide happened at the Executive Townhouses in San Marcos. Nicholls' and Stillwell both live in the complex.

Police say all three worked together at Chipotle at some point in time, and Stillwell is Nicholls' ex-boyfriend. Nicholls grew up in Kingwood and she studied fashion merchandising at Texas State and had a twin sister, Shelby.

It's really sad, just really really sad, said neighbor and fellow student Katelyn Fife.

Police say she dated Stillwell for about a year and a half. They recently broke up and she started dating Robledo.

She was a beautiful girl and a sweet gir, described apartment manager Claudia Kotin. Very sad, very sad, we have a lot of residents the same age. Some people heard screaming, it's not good for anybody.

According to the arrest warrant, after he saw Robledo's car outside Nicholls' apartment, Stillwell went home and got his roommate's gun. He then used a brick to break through the back glass door and shot both victims in Nicholls' bedroom.

Saying more than I probably should, I don't believe this was a rise of sudden passion. I believe this was planned, said San Marcos Police Chief Howard Williams. I've been here 10 years now, this is the first time we've really had a double murder.

It hits home because you think, 'I could have known her,' you know. I probably have friends who know her, and the fact that it's literally 20 feet away, you know, it's just really shocking, said neighbor Morgan Scott.

According to the arrest warrant, Stillwell called his roommate after he shot the victims, told him what he did, and that he planned on driving off a cliff.

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