STAFFORD, Texas -- A student from Stafford High School is expelled after a fight that her family said she didn't start.

It was Sept. 30 in the locker room at Stafford High and a student recorded the fight between Emily Ramirez and a classmate.

The video was spread around school and eventually found its way to Ramirez's mom.

I felt hopeless, helpless, said Amy Mendez. I couldn't help her. There was nothing that I could do to stop this little girl for coming at my daughter with everything she had.

Mendez said the other girl had been taunting her daughter for a year and this time it got physical.

Ramirez clearly lost this fight, but she was kicked out when she reported it.

For the school to not back her up at all its ridiculous, Ramirez said.

We tried to get the other girls side of the story but were told her parents weren't home to explain. A family member confirms that she is still a student at Stafford High School.

What we know is that Ramirez is in what's called the Limited Open Enrollment program (LOE) which means she goes to Stafford but lives out of district.

School officials wouldn't comment on this specific case but did send a statement that reads:

The Stafford Municipal School District will not make any comment on the students involved or the investigation, however, the parents of any student who attends Stafford Schools under our Limited Open Enrollment (LOE) program, and is removed, has the opportunity appeal the removal.

Although Stafford MSD provides students who live outside our boundaries the opportunity to attend our schools, we consider it a privilege for them to do so. We have great schools and expect our LOE students behavior to meet our expectations.

Ramirez and her family are not sure if they will appeal the decision

Basically what Stafford school is saying is that it's okay to be bullied, Mendez said. We're going to tolerate it and for the ones that are being victimized, I'm sorry but you have to go because you're not in the district.

Stafford Police are also investigating the case.

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