HOUSTON Law enforcement officers swooped into upscale neighborhoods near Rice University and Tanglewood Friday, but they won t say why.

FBI agents, a joint terrorism task force and an HFD Hazmat squad were at a house in the 2000 block of Albans Street.

The FBI confirmed they were serving a warrant on the house, but say it is sealed so they can t release other details.

Agents set up a couple of tents, a table and chairs outside the home so it appeared they planned to be there awhile.

Rumors were flying around the neighborhood.

That apparently this all got started with DHL reporting some unusual random deliveries to the house, said Travis Broesche, a resident

The presence of firefighters in hazardous material suits had other neighbors a little nervous.

I had heard bomb. I saw the hazmat people in their suits and the hazmat people in their trucks so I knew something serious was happening, but I didn t know to what extent, Jill Satterwhite said.

Shepacked up her daughters and dog andleftthe house just in case.

An FBI spokesman confirmed hazardous materials may be inside the house on Albans, but said they were taking every precaution to ensure the safety of nearby residents.

The FBI conducted a simultaneous raid at a home on Fall River Road in the Tanglewood area. A Hazmat unit was parked outside the upscale home and some neighbors say they were advised to leave.

One neighbor said she was told they were investigating an online threat against the government.

Authorities refused to clarify if they are searching for explosives, dangerous chemicals or something else.

We do know neighbors weren t happy about all of the activity, including those who were shopping for a new multimillion dollar home Friday just down the street from the FBI raid.

You never know. There s crazy people all over the world, Rigo Flores said. Sometimes in our own backyards.

In Bryan, police officers assisted FBI agents with a related investigation at a condominium complex there, according to KBTX.

There were SWAT and hazmat crews at the Woodland Court complex, which is off Villa Maria near the FM 2818 intersection.

All three homes are connected to a Houston couple, Andrew Schneck and Cecily Horton. She s well-known in the local art community.

No one has been charged or arrested in connection with the search warrants.

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