HARRIS COUNTY Investigators have determined that three men killed in a shooting Thursday morning in a northwest Harris County neighborhood are the only shooters involved in the incident.

According to the Harris County Sheriff s Office, investigators found the bodies in a neighborhood on Briarchase Drive near Torrey Drive after reports of gunfire just before 10 a.m.

The two victims were found in a white Ford Mustang that crashed into the front yard of a home, deputies said. The two men had been armed with pistols and a bag of marijuana was found in the vehicle.

The third shooting victim was found in the parking lot of the Torrey Pines Recreation Center, deputies said. He too was found with next to a pistol.

The shooting had many neighbors standing around wondering what is going on.

Jackie Rangel dropped her daughter off to school this morning when she saw the commotion.

I heard like four or five gun shots and then I heard sirens. I came out and see police flying down the street, and that's what it is, Rangel, a neighbor, said.

Investigators will be looking at surveillance video from the park.

They just said there are two other guys shot in a car back here and they just think it could be drugs, Julie Johnson, neighborhood resident, said,

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