DALLAS -- Remember what I told you? God has a plan for you. We don't know what it is, but he has a plan, whispered Nena Laster beside her daughter's bed.

They have many reasons to be thankful.

I'm just glad you're alive, Laster said.

But they have one big reason to be mad.

The hardest part is being a mother; I can't imagine that somebody deliberately hits another individual and leaves them lying to die on the side of the road, she said. My daughter could've died on the side of the road.

The hit-and-run crash happened early Sunday morning. It was around 1:45 when police were notified. Heather Gant had run out of gas on the eastbound lanes of Interstate 20 near the Seagoville Road exit.

That's the exit to get to her house. She was headed home after a friend's birthday party.

It was hard to push my car alone, Gant recalled. I pushed with my driver's side door shut, she described. Next thing you know a truck came from an angle and hit me. I ended up at the back of my car. I don't know if I was thrown or I walked.

He could've killed me, she added.

The suspect drove away, but thankfully, a Good Samaritan drove up.

He's an amazing person; he saved my life, Gant said through tears. I don't know what my family would have done if they were to lose me.

Gant suffered serious injuries to her abdomen, especially to her intestines and bowels. She had one surgery to repair that damage, then a second surgery Tuesday to repair her broken pelvis.

Laster is determined to find both drivers: The one who helped her daughter, and the one who hurt her.

I want to find the person who did this, I think people need to pay for what they did, she said.

And to the stranger who stopped to help: I would give anything if that person would step forward and let me meet him or her, Gant said. I would just love to meet them and say 'thank you' for saving my daughter's life. Because she may not be laying here alive.

Balch Springs police said they have no good description of the responsible vehicle. Heather thinks it was a truck, but her mother knows she might be wrong about that. Anyone with any information about the accident is urged to call Balch Springs traffic investigators at 972-557-6023.

Heather Gant was groggy Tuesday afternoon after surgery, but she is grateful.

I'm glad I'm here, she told her mother. I love you.

I love you, her mother said back.

Then Gant wiped a tear from her mom's face. I'm not gonna cry anymore, not gonna cry, Laster said.


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