HOUSTON - Street flooding stranded motorists as heavy rains moved through the Houston area late Friday night.

The biggest downpours, sparked by a cool front, moved into the inner-city around 9 p.m.

Numerous cars were flooded on Sage Road between Richmond Avenue and the Southwest Freeway.

Tow trucks arrived and immediately pulled out some of the stalled cars. Other drivers, like Herbert Rodriguez, parked on higher ground and decided to wait out the flooding.

It's really bad, said Rodriguez. Ican't go through. My car is low down on the road, soIcan't go through. I've been stuck about 15 minutes already, but other people have been stuck more than 30 minutes.

According to Houston TranStar, high water was also reported along the Katy Freeway westbound near Washington as well as on the North Freeway, North Loop, and Northwest Freeway.

Several more cars were flooded out on the Northwest Freeway frontage road near the North Loop.

As of midnight, the Harris County Flood Warning System indicated many parts of town had already received well more than five inches of rain in the previous 24 hours. The west and northwest portions of the county were the hardest hit.

A FlashFlood Warning for Harris County expired shortly after midnight as the storms moved out of the city and toward the coast.

The storms knocked out power for some CenterPoint customers, but the lights are already back on in most homes.

At one point last night about 7,000 families in our area were without power. That is now down to about 1,300.

Most of the heavy rain cleared out in the early morning hours Saturday, but tropical moisture continued to push light showers in off the Gulf. There's a 60-percent chance for rain Saturday and a 20-percent chance for Sunday.The skies clear out by Monday leaving us with daytime temperatures in the low-90s.

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