GALVESTON, Texas Every three years, a Texas City woman fights to keep her rapist behind bars.

She started the battle in 2004.

I don t understand, said the now 53-year-old grandmother. He s got two life sentences plus 50 years and he s eligible for parole. I feel like I m the one that lives the life sentence. I have to learn to live with this every single day of my life.

It was the summer of 1989 and she was at home with her two young sons, while her husband was out of town working. The man broke in, held a knife to her throat and raped her.

The woman s young boys were asleep in another room. It was her 8-year-old son s birthday.

It s humiliating and degrading to a human being to be sexually assaulted, she said. It can never be fixed.

As soon as the man left, she called 911 even though he threatened to kill her when she did. While she was on the phone with the dispatcher, the man later identified as Marsa Hall came back.

You can hear her screaming and him yelling in the 911 call.

She told Hall that she was on the phone with her husband and he left.

Hall left and was arrested around the corner from her street. He was sentenced to two life terms plus 50 years and is up for parole.

Galveston County s Assistant District Attorney Matt Shawhan said they will fight hard to keep Hall in prison.

You can actually hear the crime being committed on the 911 call, said Shawhan. We re gonna make sure the parole members have a copy of that 911 call.

The review period for Hall started at the beginning of September, and is expected to be decided in the next few months.

Police believe he had other victims but the woman in this story is the only one who stepped up.

I don't want any other human being to experience what I went through, she said.

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