SPRING, Texas -- Claiming that upwards of 75 students face expulsion from Spring High School for alleged gang affiliations after the fatal stabbing of a student on campus earlier this month, activist Quanell X plans to represent those parents at disciplinary hearings later this week.

Spring sophomore Ladaydrick Heard, 16, is one of those students. His parents said they received a telephone call from the school last Friday that he was being expelled based on the belief that he was involved in gangs.

He was a close friend of slain student Joshua Broussard and admits that he tried to help carry his friend s lifeless body toward medical help the morning of the stabbing, but says he does not have any gang affiliations.

I wasn't in a gang yesterday. I'm not in a gang today, and I won't be in a gang tomorrow, Heard said.

They said they have proof that he was in a gang because of social media and pictures and stuff, but they didn't show us none of that, said the student s father Esko Shephard.

Never been in trouble and then kicking them out of school saying they're gang members, Quanell X said.

Quanell X intends to ask school administrators what's their standard.

Spring ISD confirms 26 students, not 75, have been placed in a disciplinary alternative education program, but that not all of the Student Code of Conduct violations are related to gang affiliations or the September 4 fatal stabbing at the school.

A school district spokesperson would not clarify how many of the disciplinary hearings are related to the stabbing or how the alleged gang affiliations were being determined, but the spokesperson said every student and parent has the right to due process and is allowed to file an appeal.

Heard was scheduled to have his disciplinary hearing Wednesday morning and arrived at Spring High School with his parents and Quanell X.

They were told school district attorneys were unable to attend and that the hearing would be postponed until Friday. Quanell X said he will accompany at least 10 students and their parents to those hearings on Friday.

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