HUMBLE, Texas -- A paraplegic's dream home burned to the ground in Humble Tuesdaymorning.

Thehugefirewas reported shortly before 6 a.m. atthe three-story home on Serene Avenue at Lee Road, not far from Bush Airport.

The homeowner, Vernon Lacey Jr.has been staying with relatives and wasn t home when the fire broke out.

It s just by the grace of God nobody was injured, nobody was there at the time, said Denise Whytes, a relative.

Family members said Laceyhas been confined to a wheelchair since an accident left him paralyzed. He used his savings and money from a settlement to build the million dollar home.

That was his dream home, that was his dream home, said Constance Williams, a relative. Because he was in a wheelchair, he built a home that he can enjoy and be able to be in different parts of his house.

The neighborhood had no hydrants so firefighters had string hoses across Lee Road to get access to water.

There was already fire to the roof, they did the best they could to contain it to an area, but it already spread throughout the house, said Lt. Chad Shaw with the Harris County Fire Marshall s Office.

Views from Air 11 showed the9,700 square foot homefully engulfed more than an hour after the blaze was first reported. Firefighters from the Houston Fire Department were brought in to assist in battling the fire.

The home appeared to be a complete loss, but no injuries were reported.

There was no early word as to what may have caused the blaze.

Neighbor Joshua Banks grabbed his video camera as huge flames shot into the night sky.

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