PEARLAND, Texas -- In the Southern Trails subdivision, they're dealing with a growing problem. Nearly two dozen car burglaries have been reported since the beginning of July.

Christine Besa said she locked her car door on Saturday night but someone still managed to get in and leave no damage.

I think they used a box or something to disable the alarm, Besa said.

The concerns stretch from street to street.

Johnathan Flerchinger saw the would-be burglar on his home video cameras.

On these two cameras, I was able catch him walking up peering into the car with a flashlight, Flerchinger said.

There was nothing of value inside so he didn't break into his car.

According to the Pearland Police Department, some of the victims admitted to leaving their doors unlocked.

Neighbors believe a new mystery device might have been used. It's a black box that mimics car remotes, disables alarms and unlocks doors.

These people are all saying there's not a lot of damage, Flerchinger said. Whoever it is, is popping the lock getting the stuff and gone in just a matter of seconds.

Police said they are familiar with these new devices but have no reason to believe they are being used in these cases.

If you recognize the man in the home video, you're being asked to call police at (281) 997-4100.

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